Welcome to our Bahamas Cruise Excursions Frequently Asked Questions.  We hope you will find these FAQ answers helpful.


Q. Why should I book with your company?

A: Since 2002 we have worked to provide the best independent cruise ship excursions in the industry. We are cruise excursion pioneers and experience matters!

We have earned our reputation for value, quality and dependable and reliable services. Our large, loyal and every growing client base reflects our dedication to providing more private and personalized experiences.

We have participated in every tour on our site. Many tours were designed with our partners in paradise and we offer them EXCLUSIVELY.  We have carefully selected the best Bahamas Cruise Excursions available.

We have the most experienced destination specialists to assist you in finding the best options to fulfill excursion needs and expectations. Our staff will work with you, to help you get the most out of  your visit to Bahamas.

Lastly, we are wonderfully warm and fuzzy people who appreciate your business and care deeply about our valued client’s experiences.


Q How can I book a Bahamas Cruise Excursion?

A: We invite you to review all of the many tours on our Bahamas Cruise Excursion site and submit requests for those tours that appeal to you. Along with these requests you may note any specific questions or needs you may have.

Our response in NOT automated! We will review each and every request personally and respond promptly advising if the tour is available and if so, providing additional tour details including instructions on how to secure your excursion.


Q. Is reserving through your site safe?

A. Our site if fully safe and secure. We use the same high level of encryption as your online banking does. Your personal information is kept safe and secure at all times and is never shared with a third party.


Q What happens after I make a reservation?

A. Once a secure form is submitted to reserve an excursion in Bahamas you will receive notification advising your reservation has been received and your Confirmation/Excursion Ticket is automatically processed.

Within 24hrs you will receive your formal Confirmation Ticket via email which will contain all of your payment and meeting details. Upon receipt of your confirmation we ask that you review your information and let us know if you require any corrections or adjustments or have any additional questions or concerns.

Your Confirmation Ticket will have all of your tour meeting times and meeting locations as well as specific payment information. You must
follow the instructions provided on the confirmation to meet our guides for your reserved tours.

Your Confirmation Ticket will include local contact information for our guides should you require assistance upon arrival to Bahamas.

Prior to your arrival to Bahamas you can go to Live Help or email us and count on immediate responses.

If after 24hrs of making a reservation you do not have your confirmation, please let us know. If may be that your confirmation has somehow ended up in your junk or spam folder. Sadly, it can happen!

You MUST print or save your reservation on your phone/tablet and present your Confirmation Ticket to our guides upon arrival to Bahamas, along with any balance owed for your tour.

In cases you do not have access to a printer you may present this information from your mobile device. It is imperative you have your confirmation in hand.


Q. How far in advance should I book my excursion?

A: Because many tours have limited spaces we encourage you to book as soon as possible. Many tours will sell out weeks and months in advance, especially during the peak times of the year.

Many return clients book up to a year in advance. By reserving their tour in advance they not only guarantee their spaces, but also to lock in “today’s pricing” for their future excursion.


Q. Can I make changes to my reservation?

A. If you need to make changes or cancel a tour, please contact our destination specialists via email or Live Help and let us know of any changes that you require. Within the terms of your reservation we will be happy to make any changes necessary and will respond promptly to any and all requests.


Q: Are the tours you offer the same as the ones offered by my cruise ship?

A. We do not sell the same tours that are offered by your cruise ship. Though there are some similar tours on our site that are offered by your ship, you will find our quality options offer more value and flexibility and get you away from the masses on the cruise ship organized tours.


Q: Can I book your tours through my cruise line?

A: Our private and personalized tours cannot be booked through your cruise ship and can only be reserved in advance via our  Bahamas Cruise Excursion online reservations.


Q. Is Bahamas Safe?

A: Bahamas is one of the safest tourist destinations on the planet. The people of Bahamas are warm, friendly, welcoming and take great pride in their country. The spirit of hospitality is widespread, and Bahamians have a genuine desire for you to experience the very best their island paradise has to offer.


Q What Time Zone is Bahamas?

A: Bahamas is on Eastern Standard Time.  It is the same time as Florida all year long.


Q: Is there a risk of missing my ship by not booking through my cruise line?

A: Though your cruise line may advise that you assume that risk, the fact is, you will not miss your cruise ship by booking independently! Since 2002 we have never had a client miss a ship and we never will.

We have measures in place to ensure that could never happen. We take great care to ensure all tours we secure for you will work safely within your port time. We will have you safely back to your ship long before it sails.

Should you miss a ship due to one of our tours, we will guarantee your meals, hotel and transport to your next port of call. It is in your cruise lines best interest to raise this fear. In reality, you have nothing at all to worry about. You will not miss your ship.


Q. How will I find your guides upon arrival to Bahamas?

A. It is safe and simple to find your tour guides upon arrival to Bahamas. Most tours will offer pick up directly from or near your cruise ship port while others require that you take a quick taxi to the stated meeting location.

Again, this process is SAFE AND SIMPLE. Your specific and detailed meeting instructions are is included with your Confirmation Ticket that is emailed to you after you make a secure reservation. You must have this information with you upon arrival to Bahamas.


Q Will my deposit be refunded if my ship is late or cannot make it into port?

A: If your cruise ship cannot make port for any reason your deposit will be fully refunded. If your ship arrives late and you miss your tour as a result your deposit will be refunded. (Please note we can usually accommodate most all delays.

We kindly ask you to keep us posted so we can keep our guides advised of your delay) If you cannot make a tour departure due to a ship delay or missed port simply email us upon your return home to advise us and your deposit will be refunded immediately.


Q: What if my cruise ship changes its arrival date during my cruise?

A: In the rare event that your ships itinerary changes during your cruise we will, where possible, change your excursion to your new arrival date.

We do kindly ask that you contact us from your ship. All cruise lines have internet available, as do the ports you visit. Getting connected should not be difficult and we appreciate a quick email to keep us informed of any changes that may affect your reserved tour.


Q. How can I contact you if I need help after my booking?

A: The LIVE HELP on our site is generally available 7 days a week, 365 Days a year from 9am to 5pm and beyond. If our Live Help is busy or unavailable you can leave a message and we will get back with you shortly.

Alternatively you can email us and count on a prompt response to any specific questions or concerns you may have.


Q. Will my cruise ship dock or is it tendered

A: Your ship will dock! Bahamas has numerous cruise ship slips where all ships dock.


Q: What is the best thing to do in Bahamas?

A: Bahamas Cruise Excursions has many exciting opportunities for adventure both above and below the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Bahamas is world famous for its snorkeling and scuba diving. Many client enjoy a personalized tour of the entire island with  Private Island Tours.

Our most popular options are our day passes to the Breezes Resort, Riu Resort and British Colonial Hilton day passes.   There is no better way to spend your day than to  just kick back and relax and enjoy the wonderful seaside amenities and services of one of these world class resorts. We have something for everyone!


Q: What language is spoken in Bahamas?

A: English


Q: Can I spend US currency in Bahamas?

A: Though the official currency in Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar, US Dollars are still king and accepted EVERYWHERE for payment. From taxis, to stores, local vendors, bars and restaurants. It is recommended to have bills of smaller denomination.


Q- Will I need to take my passport or driver’s license on the tour?

A: It is not necessary to bring your passport or your driver’s license. (Unless you are reserved on a tour where you will be driving a vehicle) Your cruise ship identification is all you will need.


Q. Can I do more than one tour during my stop in Bahamas.

A. Depending on your cruise ship port time you may easily be able to do more than one tour during your port time. You may, for example wish to do a Private Island Tour, followed by a day pass or a boat tour.

Our destination specialists will work to ensure whatever we plan works safely within your port time.


Q: Are gratuities included in the tour price?

A: Tips and gratuities are not included in your tour pricing. Tipping your guides is at your discretion and greatly appreciated. (And we hope, well deserved!) As a guide, guests generally tip anywhere 10%-30% % of their tour price and above is suggested for good, and exceptional service.


If you have a question you feel should be included in our Frequently Asked Questions Bahamas, please let us know.